One Question Wednesday – Speaking

Welcome to One Question Wednesdays.

Today all we want to do is offer you a question that will help your students grow closer to Jesus, learn more about themselves, and develop the gift and calling of leadership that God has given them.

Use this question as a prompt for a devotion, an introduction to a lesson, or as a discussion topic whenever you meet with your students collectively or individually.  These questions make great mentoring prompts.

Make sure you ask yourself this question as well.  You never know what God is looking to do in your heart today.

Today’s Question is:

Who is speaking into your life?

This may seem like a silly little question, but I guarantee you it’s not.  We often let many sources speak into our lives without realizing it, and worse yet, we may be influenced by them without knowing it.

First you might want to clarify the question by adding that anyone or anything that you let influence your thought, speech, or actions is speaking into your life.  Once your students realize this, they might be able to start narrowing down who they are being influenced by.

Make sure to talk through both negative and positive influences, and pray about how students can purge negative influences or at least contain them in a Christian manner.

Talk to your students about how to identify influences on their life and how they might go about keeping negative influences out altogether.

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Christ Follower, Husband to Brandy, and Executive Director of Next in Line Ministries. My true passion is leadership development for teenagers. I love to read, write, hike, and spend time with my family.

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