5 Things I Like To Get Done Before The New Year

Well, here we are, right in the thick of it.  We’re careening towards Christmas, running to this party and that, going to this recital and that at the school, and weaving in and out of all the Christmas programs at church;  to put it lightly, we’re busy.  Too busy.

You’ve probably promised yourself and your family that you wouldn’t be this busy again, and yet, here you are, lucky to get half a night’s sleep between crawling in from the evening’s festivities and preparing for tomorrow’s engagements.

It’s a dreadfully busy time, but there is a ray of sunshine not far off in the distance:  Christmas Break.  Christmas Break, that magical week after Christmas and before school starts again where the world returns to it’s normal hurried pace, and where you can (hopefully) catch up on those activities that have eluded you over the course of the last couple of busy months.

I have always loved that last week of the year.  It is a radical lurching halt to the insanity of the last two holidays and the opportunity to sit thoughtfully in my easy chair and not concern myself with where I have to be that evening.  It is a time of rest, a time where I try not to schedule any ministry activities.

I always take advantage of that time to catch up on those ministry tidbits that I have willingly let slip through the cracks; things I know will be there patiently waiting for me when life slows back down again.

What do you do when the Christmas bustle no longer has it’s hold on you?

Here’s a couple of the things that I try to get done that week, and I’m looking forward to that time this year especially, because I’ve got a couple of special projects that I get to work on that you will benefit from in the New Year.


I Thank My Volunteers

I Get Some Rest

I Evaluate The First Half of the Year

I Plan My New Year

I Set Up Evaluations With The Leadership Team

What Are You Trying To Get Done Before the New Year?

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