7 Books You Should Read When Starting A Youth Leadership Team


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“First Move Mondays” is a weekly series of articles that will help you establish or strengthen a leadership development program in your youth group.  These articles are aimed at youth leaders who are either contemplating a youth leadership team, those who have just started them, or youth leaders that want to strengthen the foundation of their existing program.

7 Books To Read When Starting a Youth Leadership Team

I wish I had this kind of list when I started a youth leadership team.

Whenever I start something new, my first question is always “What books should I be reading to prepare myself for this?”  There’s a wealth of leadership books out there on every leadership topic that you can think of, so which one’s should you read and which one’s should you keep aside for later reading.

After reading on leadership for a few years, here’s are 7 leadership books that I think every Pastor that is starting a Youth Leadership Team should read:

Next Generation Leader by Andy Stanley

Mentoring Leaders by Carson Pue

Leadership and Self-Deception  by the Arbinger Institute

The Making of a Leader by Robert Clinton

Overcoming The Dark Side of Leadership by Gary MicIntosh and Samuel Rema

The Character of Leadership by Jeff Iorg

Building Leaders by Aubrey Malphurs and Will Mancini

Happy reading.  These should challenge you and your leadership and give you plenty to think about as you start a Youth Leadership Team.

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Christ Follower, Husband to Brandy, and Executive Director of Next in Line Ministries. My true passion is leadership development for teenagers. I love to read, write, hike, and spend time with my family.

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