What We Believe

Next in Line’s Theology is as broad and varied as the people who make it up.  Telling you we all agree on theology would be a terrible lie.  We like that we don’t all see eye-to-eye on a lot of things.  This we agree on though:  The essentials.  We believe that Jesus, the Second person of the Godhead, came to earth, lived, died for our sins, was buried as proof, and rose again on the third day.  We believe that faith in Jesus Christ saves us.
We do believe that a common thread of Jesus’ leadership can be agreed upon by most if not all denominations.  Our goal, rather than to tow a theological line, is to work with many denominations and non-denominational churches.  We allow the leaders in the local church to teach their beliefs without our theological interference.  Next in Line Ministries partners to help local churches and organization teach Christian Leadership, not to teach their students theology.
We aren’t just non-denominational, we’re kind of anti-denominational.  We don’t believe that any one denomination has a corner on Christian leadership, and we want to be able to speak to leaders and young people from all denominations of the Christian Faith.
Also, we believe that by holding to a non-denominational platform we are better able to engage non-Christian students in community leadership programs.
Our hope at Next in Line Ministries is that we can assist any Christian or non-Christian organization in raising up and training its young leaders.  All theology aside, that is our purpose and goal.
We believe that young people are capable of being leaders.
We believe that a local context is best for developing young leaders.
We believe that Christian leadership is a God-given stewardship, not a man-made position or title.
We believe that the focus of Christian Leadership is the edification of the body of Christ, the church, or the organization that is being led.  In other words, Christian Leadership is not egocentric.
We believe that Christian leadership is based upon the idea of service to others.