What We Do

Next in Line Ministries has a multi-pronged strategy for developing young Christian leaders.

1.  Next in Line Ministries partners with Churches, assisting them in starting a Leadership Development Team.  We do this by offering curriculum, starter kits, videos, and other resources to Pastors, Youth Pastors, and Laypeople to help them start and maintain Youth Leadership Development Teams.
2.  Next in Line Ministries offers Conferences, Seminars, and other training venues to churches, youth groups, Organizations, and individuals.  These venues offer on-site or conference education in Youth Leadership Development
3.  Next in Line Ministries assists churches, schools, and other organizations set up and maintain mentoring programs that pair individual students with established leaders in their own communities.
4.  Next in Line offers Parents of youth leaders resources such as articles and soon will offer curriculum to help parents develop their children’s leadership potential at home.
5.  Next in Line offers a daily leadership devotional, NIL 365, to help young leaders get into the word daily and have it related back to Christian leadership development.