What is Leadership?

What is Christian Leadership?
Next in Line Ministries recognizes that there are many definitions of leadership in existence today.  Even Christian organizations that develop leaders each have a different definition and idea for the notion of leadership.
Next in Line recognizes that the differences in our outlooks on leadership do not necessarily need to clash or be argued.  As such, as we provide our definition of leadership as God has shown and directed us, we do not automatically discredit or call into disrepute other definitions of leadership.  Our definition is not mutually exclusive.
Next in Line believes that Christian Leadership is first and foremost a God-given stewardship.  One is not a Christian leader because he is so named.  God calls, equips, gifts, or creates us with and for leadership, or He doesn’t.
We also believe that the calling of leadership is of no more importance than no call to leadership.  We believe that the body of Christ exists with many different parts, gifts, and callings, each as important as the other.  We believe that for each of us to be all that God has called us to be, each other part of the body must also be operating within their calling as well.
Next in Line believes leadership has two parts:  Influence and Action.  A Christian leader cannot exist or operate without both.  The two parts to Christian Leadership are Influence and Action.
Influence has to do with Character.  Godly character makes a leader someone worth following.  A leader without character is no leader at all, and they will quickly have their stewardship revoked or lose following.
Action has to do with Calling.  God calls us to leadership.  His calling is usually very specific when it comes to leadership, but can be very broad as well.  God’s calling brings the leader to act on their calling.
These two parts, as you can see, work together.  God calls and equips a person for leadership, and the influence and character of that individual will be used by God to motivate, organize, and lead individuals that are necessary to accomplish God’s purpose.
Because of our definition of leadership, two of the main components of Next in Line leadership development have to do with calling and character.  We strive to make each individual aware of both in their lives.